Focus on healthy living is something many people are doing these days. Whether it’s through eating right, working out or taking part in yoga. Perhaps a combination of all them for some. In addition to this, having awesome sex is also essential. They are some of the things many consider crucial for a wholesome relationship. More importantly though, for a great life overall. Yoga sex is something you see being talked about all the time. Adult sites which offer free porn content, have tons of yoga sex videos. They show the many benefits yoga brings to a person’s love life. And for the intercourse they have as well.

Unlike regular workouts, yoga is seen as something which can make sex more amazing. But is it true that yoga can make you more sexy? Can yoga spice up your sex life and lead to better sex? There is no denying that yoga is beneficial to life in many ways. Below, are some of the reasons yoga can also make you more sexy and a better lover overall.

Connected Breathing

If there is one thing that yoga focuses on, it’s breathing. During yoga sessions, everyone involved is breathing in unison. That connected breathing is what brings the class in sync. In the same way, you can connect with your partner during sex. All you have to do is watch how they are breathing when you are having sexual intercourse. The connected breaths between you both, will bring you closer together and in sync.


A woman or man that is flexible, is one of the sexiest things in the world. For some reason, a person will think of sex when they see a man or woman in a certain yoga stances. Subconsciously, it can make your mind wonder. An agile and flexible man or woman is incredibly sexy. Plus, the more flexible you are, the better you will be during sex.

Intertwined Limbs

When people think of sex, Kama Sutra comes to mind. That may explain why yoga comes from the same place Kama Sutra does. One of the great things about sex, is being entangled with your partner. Tangled limbs are more likely to occur, when one or both parties do yoga. It could be their arms, legs or both. In all, there are several poses in yoga, which fit right into sexual positions.


One of the things too many people do wrong during sex, is rushing through it. Yoga, takes things really slow since there is no room for rushing. The patience a person learns in yoga, can be essential in the bedroom. Foreplay for instance, is something too many partners ignore. Being able to explore your lover’s body, is also important for great sex. Most people who do yoga, tend to focus on foreplay more than those who do not.

Couples Yoga

The fact that there are extensive couples yoga scenarios to get into, make this one self-explanatory. It is one that stands out the most for individuals in relationships. There are a bunch of different couples yoga situations. They include classes, challenges, poses and much more. Any of them can help bring you and your partner closer together in more ways than one. Best of all, couples yoga can be practiced anywhere, not just the bedroom.

Being Focused

People who do yoga have the ability to focus with laser precision. The prowess of being focused, can help you at work, home and in your relationship. Having the propensity to concentrate during sex with your partner, leads to great sex. Use that focus you learn in yoga, to center in on your partner. Him or her alone is what matters when you are making love. It will result in everything being better each time.

New Sexual Positions

When you consider the positions in yoga, some people think of the ones they like to perform during sex. Yoga can allow you to have more options about where, when and how you have sex. Doing it in a car, bathroom or somewhere else, becomes easier. You can apply the flexibility and agility you learn from yoga, to your sex life. This will result in new sexual positions you may have never tried before. Or some that you and your partner didn’t know were possible.

Awareness Of Bodies

Being aware of your own bodies is crucial for many things in life, not just sex. Yet through yoga, it becomes much easier to do. That’s because body awareness is one of the main tenets of doing yoga. Knowing your own body, works in several ways. Not only is it better for your own sexual pleasure, but it will allow you to please your partner. More so if you also learn to focus on their body as well. Sensations, stimulations and starting points are found easier once you know your own body. The same if you know about your partner’s.